How it all began

Sadasivan and Radha began their journey as organic farmers in 2012 when they started managing their family farm in Kerala. They are both Chartered Accountants and have a successful audit firm in Coimbatore.

For Sadasivan , what started off as a pet project to produce organic produce in his kitchen garden for his family turned into a passion to learn new and innovative techniques to make his farm fully organic and self sustaining.

We believe that we must live in harmony with nature and not interfere with nature’s way’s.

“If we break the cycle even at one link then the whole system becomes upset. If the worms in the field are killed by pesticides then there would be no birds coming to feed on them who in turn fertilise the fields.  The birds may eat some grains in the field. So what if we give back to mother nature once in a while. She has given us so much after all! ”

Birds feeding on our paddy fields.

“So what if some birds feed in our fields ? When we make money do we not pay taxes to the government?Is it not our responsibility to pay taxes to nature? “

Farmer parboiling rice using traditional methods.

We have preserved the traditional methods of cultivating and processing the paddy into rice thus preserving the authentic flavor of “Pallakkadan Matta Rice”.

Local village women drying paddy after harvest.

Farming activities are seasonal and the local villagers are unemployed for majority portion of the year. As a result the children of these farmers are forced to give up education and move to the cities to do odd jobs.

At Forever Fresh we support local farmers and provide employment through the year and to do so we have kept automation of farming activities to the minimum.

Palakkadan Matta Rice 

At Forever Fresh we aim to produce high quality produce . Our promise is that we feed our customers what we feed our family.